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About Element

Element is a world-leading independent testing company. We provide testing service for various industries with a reputation second to none for accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. Now, we’re bringing that expertise to your homes, farms, and small businesses. We specialize in water and soil testing to provide fast, accurate results that empower you to make decisions for a safer, healthier environment.

We do this because we pride ourselves on quality service: fast turnaround times, transparent communication, and accurate results. We have a network of more than 200 Element laboratories worldwide that are accredited to the highest standards in the testing industry. We provide a more extensive scope of testing and cover a large number of parameters, but we are not a fertilizer, water treatment, or other product solution company

What makes us different is that our at-home testing kits are backed by our expert scientists and advanced technology, who have more than 45 years of experience in soil and water testing and analytical services. That’s why we call our kits Element Certified.

About Element
Our History

Our History

Our mission as a company is to make tomorrow safer than today. Since our founding in 1827, we have been instrumental in validating that products, materials, and natural resources are safe and ready for use or consumption. In that time, Element has amassed a network of more than 200 Element laboratories worldwide and is accredited to the highest standards in the testing industry. These accreditations are an independent endorsement of the quality of service we deliver to farms, cities, and corporations, and now, to individuals and families.

Water Testing Process

When you ship your Element Certified water testing kit to us, we use the latest analytical equipment to detect drinking water contamination, including any chemicals or bacteria that might be present. We provide routine drinking water testing for municipalities, private businesses, and environmental consultants making our at-home water testing kits a reliable resource for your home, garden, or farms.

Soil Testing Process

With labs located in the heartlands of Western Canada and the Midwestern United States, we know agriculture. Our team of soil testing specialists supports the agricultural industry with comprehensive soil analysis across a full spectrum of tests.

Farmers, consultants, and private businesses rely on our soil testing services for insight into the soil condition that can help to maximize the yield and quality of crops. Your Element Certified soil testing kit offers the same level of precision to help you understand your soil’s nutrient content and other properties for gardening, lawn care, and more.

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