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How Our Testing Works

Important Reminders

Element Certified has built a long-standing reputation on fast, reliable customer support and easy to understand reporting. Here’s a preview of some important reminders about Packaging, Shipping Details, and our Sample Retrieval Guide.

  • Keep the shipment box as it is specially designed to protect your returning sample. 

  • Carefully read all instructions before starting; Water testing is a time sensitive process once started.

  • You will receive a full report from us with an explanation of what your results mean.

How our testing works
How our soil testing works

How Our Soil Testing Works

Here’s how to use your new soil testing kit in four easy steps:

You will need one soil bag for every sample you are collecting. We recommend a minimum of 3 samples for best results.
Use a small scooping tool like a garden trowel, dig into your soil and discard the first two scoops to reach a depth of about 6 inches or 15 centimeters for your sample.
Remove anything that’s not soil, like grass, roots, insects or other organic material from your next scoop and place the soil into the soil bag. Continue scooping until you have filled your bag to the fill line, or 75% full if your bag does not have a fill line.
Seal the bag carefully, place the box in the provided packaging, and seal the box.
Call the courier on the shipping label included in your package to arrange to ship your package back.
How our testing works - soil section

The Element Certified Difference

We’re ready to dig deeper to give you the big picture on your soil health.  
  • We do not charge extra for supplies.
  • No agenda as we do not sell fertilizer, only tests.
  • Our tests cover a larger scope of testing than competitors.
  • We deliver results right the first time.
How our water testing works

How Our Water Testing Works

Here’s how to use your new water testing kit in four easy steps:

Before starting, call your local courier (specified on the courier service slip included in your kit) and collect the sample as close to their pick-up time as possible. For water tests, it is critical your sample arrives within 24 hours for the results to be valid. Also, ensure the provided ice pack is frozen to include with your finished sample.
If testing tap water, use cold water only and allow the water to run for at least 1 minute before starting to fill the provided bottle(s). If the bottle has a fill line, fill to that line. If not, it can be filled completely. Do not touch the inside of the bottle.


In some cases, you may be testing water that is not from a tap. In these cases, dip the bottle into the water while keeping your hand downstream of the bottle (if the water is flowing). Wear a clean latex or similar glove and allow the bottle to fill completely.

Close the cap securely, place the bottle upright into the provided packaging, and add your ice pack.
Take your sample to your courier or have the package ready for them to pick up.
How our testing works - water section

The Element Certified Difference

Your success is our success when it comes to your water sample testing.
  • Price includes expedited shipping to ensure water sample quality.
  • Reporting based on accurate results, not designed to sell a water treatment plan.
  • We cover a large number of parameters.
  • We are a lab and complete the analysis in-house.

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